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February 16, 2008


Artsy Amy

awwww, he is so darlin'


He is soooo cute!


He is soooo cute!


Awwweee! I love that! I think it's about time I try another sewing project....while I still have the guts! :P


He is so cute and funny, he makes me laugh out loud!

Sacred Snatch

Now that is one cute rat!


I luv it!! Adorable little rat :)


this is the cutest rat i have ever seen.....i love the little buck teeth :)


Awww, he's cute!!!!


I'm not fond of rats at all, but this little one is adorable!!

Tamie Snow

That is a friggin cute rat...and that isn't easy to pull of. *high five*


Aww- I love him. Hes not creepy or evil like most rats are at all. Love the little heart too.


oh my gosh. Adorable!


Cute and adorable! Happy lunar new year! (albeit belated)


Cute little rat!


He's adorable. Love those buck teeth! :)

Stacey Severson

Super cute! Are you putting this on Etsy? Have fun watching the Daytona 500!!

jen duncan

Hah! Thanks for the smile. :-)


Love him, Missy!! He's soooo sweet!! Smart looking little guy, too!! HA!! Hugs, Trudy

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