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February 28, 2008


Michelle Sylvia

Congrats on your magazine Feature!! Daisy is so Adorably beautiful!! I can't believe how big she is already. Time sure does fly by.


The Cat's Pyjamas

How cute she looks!


Wow, congrats all the way around. And that little girl of yours is so darn adorable that she could be a professional model!


Whoo hooo!! What great news...you deserve it! How great that your beauty is on the cover....a true covergirl!! Have a wondeful week :) Jackie


Missy! She's just too adorable!! Good job!

Shelley Davis

Hi Missy,
Congratulations! She is pretty just like her mama! How exciting. My grandbabies just made it into the cute baby section of the paper, I was over the top about this, but a cover picture? How wonderful is that?
Sweetest regards!


OMG!!!! She's adorable! Big congrats! I went over to Alex's blog and saw more pics of you and the girls! Just lovely!!!!


Wow! That's fantastic! Looks like you've got a real pro on your hands! Way too cute. :)



Cute photo! Congrats on your "cover girl"! I hope you'll get a copy soon...so you can FRAME IT! :)


Congratulations! That is awesome! Love the pic, too.


OMG....LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! but you already know because I bragged about it already on my blog! Your girls are sooo beautiful JUST LIKE YOU!!!! Congrats to you and Alex!!!!

Katie Trott

This photo does look soo great!! It is such a natural shot, not too staged. I would be extremely proud too. Congratulations to you and Daisy!!


Awwwww Missy, she's adorable and you must be one happy momma for sure. And you should be!!! Congrats to all of you.

Janna Houlihan

Oh my gosh Missy she is sooo darn cute! What a bee*u*tee*ful cover girl! ;) I would be beaming too. Thanks for sharing your exciting news.


She's the cutest cover girl! Congrats Missy! :)


how great!! what a beauty you have.

Pat Jones

Wow....to be in a magazine and to think your daughter is on the cover...well not isn't that W O N D E R F U L. IT IS A WONDERFUL LIFE INDEED. Congratulations.


Wow, that is just too cool. I also read an article about you in my Teddy Bear and Friends magazine that came in the mail today.
congratulations on all the publicity.
I love the little bear they featured.

Your daughter is adorable. That really must have been a fun day for all of you.

Tina Poulsen

WOW that is awesome :) She is so pretty!!! Congrats to both of you!!!!

Tamie Snow

Hey superstar!
You're baby girl looks so great on the cover of a magazine! Alex takes such amazing photos...luckily we had some hot models for her to shoot :P
PS...my name is TAMIE not Tammi. Don't make me kick your a**. HAHA.


Congratulations!! How exciting for both of you. She's a natural, what a beauty!


Congratulations are in order for your daughter and you Missy... that is super.. she's so cute and i read the article in TB&F's on you and your super cute little bear..it was fabulous!! You go girl!!
Hugs, Folksie Linda

Alexandra Frankel

You are so very welcome Missy, it all came together quite quickly didn't it? And we had such a blast! And Daisy looks amazing, I can hardly believe it worked out, what a dream. Thank you for your kind words, your family is just beautiful.


Congratulations, Missy!! What a superb opportunity for you and the girls!! How very, very special!! Can't wait to see the whole article!! Hugs, Trudy


Oh How NEAT!


Congratulations, she looks adorable! Can't wait to read the article...


She's beautiful!


That is just SO incredibly awesome!! She certainly does look like a cover girl, too. Adorable!! Big congrats on getting the coverage, too!

Sacred Snatch

Amazing! That picture is priceless! Whoo hoo for all of you, and yes, I will have to look Alex up! We have a cute little bambino at home that need his photos done!

Congrats to you Ms. Celebrity!

Laura Lynn Matthews

Missy that is just AWESOME!!!! How wonderful and very exciting :) Daisy looks just adorable - and a perfect cover girl!!

Laura Lynn

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