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July 25, 2008



just discovered this post via google image search: clothespin dolls (i have become obsessed with making these). love your adorable little spool people. i made something similar when i was little. this is the cutest!



I just stumbled across your blog and boy is it full of BEAUTIFUL things!! I'm going to try out your free pattern (Folk art Bear) this weekend, thanks for sharing!!

ps. LOVE all your stitch patterns theyre adorable


Thanks for sharing Missy ,i'll have fun making these little cuties


Pardon me. It was a female I was referring too. I love them all. I got the mustache man mixed up with Miss Mushy.....xooxxoxo

you rock.

a MB fan in the MidWest!!

how adorable. I especially love the man with the mushroom. Your art is so cool missy. I just got to your blog from one of my students that recently added you to her blog. How fun and cool is that!!! You are so popular in MN!!

Happy summer MB>


Oh, what cute little sweeties! Thank you so much for the tutorial - these will be so cute to make for my sewing/craft room!!!

Lori Boyd (AKA on SCS 3Bugs& Me)

I happened upon your blog today and I must say...I am Lovin' It!!!

I will be BACK!!!!



Ohhh thanks for the tute. I would love to try these out. And maybe contribute to the flickr pool =)

yoli M

Hey, can I bite off this blog and put in my blog? I got so inspired, I made a spool doll!

Not sure how to post pics, so here is the link.

Kimmie K

It's amazing--I'm a plush/dollmaker and I find that all the stitchwork and pattern making involved sort of comes naturally but then I looked at other types of artcraft and think, "How in the world do they do that?" I have a thing for these little spool creations and have always wondered how it's done. Thank you! Now I know at least the basics. But I don't want to know the secrets, because that takes away the magic:)

I'm excited I found your blog, btw. I love it!


Thank you for hopping over to my blog for this cutie tutie!

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