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November 06, 2008



OMG! These are the cutest ever, Missy! SHUT UP!!!


ME again for swap 2! (Darn you Missy and Tracy C. and Tinla). I wasn't going to do two swaps and now I have caved!! It looks like Nancy P. is number 9 and then me. If its too late for me that's ok.

Miss you MB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

Nancy P.

I would like a spot in group 2 if still available. I sent you an e-mail. Thanks

Kim Raymundo

Hi Missy,

I'd love a spot if there is still room.


Kim :o)

michele huey

Hi Missy...

If there's still room, I'd like a spot, please!

thanks..michele h..

Nikki Kinnaird

Your ATC's really are sooo cute!If it's not too late I would love to sign up for your swap. I've always wanted to do one.



Tinla Woo

btw; I love your ATCs...they are truly adorable! I love your 1st ATC that I received in Kristina's swap, and I am so happy that you are hostessing your own.

Tinla Woo

Hi Missy!!! Why didn't I know of this sooner?! I would love to join! Please put me down for a spot:) Is #10 taken in Group 1? I can fill that and take a spot in group 2 if you like. Take care:)


If it's not to late I would love to!

Katie Trott

these are all so cute! I really like your calender one.

Tamara S

Please sign me up for the swap! I love your creative talents. Wish you could come teach a class in MN!

Tamara S

Hi Missy -- I am interested in the ATC Swap. I love your creative talents. Wish I lived closer to take your classes -- you should really come to MN to teach a class sometime!

Erin L.

I would love a spot.

Thanks Missy

Kristina Lewis

Hi! I am so psyched for the swap! Yeah! You are a rock star! Wish I lived closer so I could take the class! Hugs!


These are great! I am sorry I live on the East Coast and don't get a change to have some of my own. :)

Debie Trotti

I love these Missy! So cute. I wish I was taking the class. We have girl scouts tonight so hopefully I can catch the next one.

Snowda G.

Missy - This class was so much fun! I can't wait for the Swap and your next ATC class!


These are way COOL. I am so jealous. I love your MB take on the ATCs and I totally love your labels and other freebies. Please count me in for the ATC swap for sure.

Big hugs.
Man I miss you girlfriend.
Rock on!

Amy Cluck

I'm sorry I missed it! I wanted to sign up but I've kind of over-committed myself. Yeah, you know ;)

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