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May 26, 2010



MISSY WHERE ARE YOU?????? PLEASE COME BACK! We need you to grace us with your craft-a-licious presence again. HUGS

Chantal Van Den Berg

Your stamp designs are way cute. :D

Allison Anderson

I'm so sorry to hear that, I was looking forward to some stamps in the mail... I think we all probably wish we had the other $500 to fund it. Your designs are amazing and will be a stamp collection someday soon!

Enjoy your summer!!!


Don't lose heart, Missy! I know it is a huge disappointment but your talents do make a difference. I can't pledge anything right now because we have 4 little girls and are in the process of adopting from Uganda - but get this...to raise funds for our adoption I am making dolls and monsters with patterns I purchased at your Etsy shop (giving credit to you as the pattern maker, but of course)! So you do make a difference and it is so worth another shot!


I'm sorry you didn't reach your goal Missy and though I'm a fairly new reader of your blog, I'm sorry you won't be posting as often. Wishing you a wonderful Summer with your children. Perhaps another attempt at Kickstarter in the Fall when folks don't have vacation and vacation $$$ on their minds. Stay safe, Cindy (Citrus Tree Studio)


It's such a shame this project fell through! :(
I think one reason as many people didn't pledge could be that not all have access to a credit card. I for one would have loved to have helped out, but lacking the means to make payment prevented me.

I hope your summer project, whatever it will be, will go well and that you'll have a lovely summer over all too.


Oh, Missy, I'm so sorry! Please don't lose heart, I just pledged a little (sorry so little but honestly we're hurting a little financially right now and if my husband even found out I think I'd be in trouble...) but don't give up hope! You're halfway there. I haven't been visiting my bloggy peeps or doing much posting, so didn't see this until just five minutes ago. You'll get there, you'll see. Your designs are perfect for rubber stamping.

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