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May 11, 2010



Hi - I love the cards. Really fun. I already used one. Thank you for hosting and thanks to everyone who participated.


awww, i'm too late!
i'll check back for the next swap! :)

Alexandra Duenkel

Got my swaps today and I love them!
Hope you all liked my cherry girl sitting on a bench.
Happy a great weekend!

Cathy Lail

just a note to let you know i received my swaps today! all the cards are so cute! i'm just sorry they weren't all signed so i could send notes to the creators. everyone did a great job - BIG thanks for hosting, Missy!


WOW! I got my package today and I love them! Thank you all for such beautiful and creative cards! Thank you Missy for hosting the swap. It was so much fun and a great surprise in the mail today :)


Allison Anderson

You are so awesome! I can't thank you enough for hosting the swap, it has been amazing 'therapy' over the last couple of weeks. Thanks again!!!

Liz Christiansen

Woohoo excited... thanks for hosting this!

Cathy Lail

aw, such sweet packages too! i can't wait to see the swaps. thanks Missy for hosting one this spring. i've talked to other stampers who are jealous they didn't know about it ;)

hugs, Cat

Karen Martinez

Hello Missy! Hope you had a great Mother's Day. As one of the swappers, I want to say thank you again for having this little swap. It was a nice break for me from all my school stuff. I've been stressed and this helped ease my mind even if it was just for a little bit. I can't wait to get my cards and see the different designs everyone made! Take care :]


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