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January 05, 2007


Kim Deroshia

I loved your tutorial on the pillows. I was looking for a cute simple project to make. I made 4 pillows and will be sent out this year in the Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes through Samaritan's Purse.

Thank You!

איפור מקצועי

That is so cute! I'm going to do any number of these for my friend and I then plan to put books on the possible cuteness hidden inside hollowed out.


I love these bunnies! I made one for my friend and we were in the hospital in less than a minute after because she fainted they were so cute.



Hallo from Jakarta,
Thanks so much for this great idea. And most of all your free pattern. I made this bunny for our own cushion collections, and that thanks to you. If you have time, kindly visit my blog.

You probably wouldn't understand what I wrote, cos I mix it with Indonesian language. But, I just want to let you know that we have that cushion collections because I found your blog. Thanks so much.
Kindest Regards.

jennifer perkins

ohh this is tempting I do have a bunch of quilting fabric that would be perfect, plus like you said toddlers do love to stuff pockets!


This is so cute! I wish I knew how to sew! Do you do lessons Missy?

Sue Paula

Thanks for the great tutorial!!!
I made a felt variation of the bunny here:

Julie Cartwright

Love your cushion with the little bunnies they are so cute. Julie

decorative pillows

I really like that white with green floral fabric. Where did you get it?


Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing. :)


These ARE really cute and look easy. I put in a search for free/near free bunnie patterns and yours popped up.
We're having a fundraiser and this is just the ticket.
Thanks a bunch of bunnies


Very cute pillow.. I've made the bunnies for christmas gift.. Thanks for the tutorial..


gracias, tu blog es muy lindo


Aw! These bunny Pillows are cute! I saw the bunnies on someone else's blog and decided to make them. I wanted to post them onto the internet on warriorofthewind.deviantart.com, but i wanted to track the pattern down to the original place posted first. When I looked at the Some Bunny Loves You pattern, I was wondering if this was a card. Guess I was wrong. I think I'll make a Bunny Pillow for bunny storage. I put them on my bed, but sometimes they fall through the small crack in between the wall and the bed, and then I have to go under the bed and get them.

Thanks for posting this cute project!


(PS, if you want to see my version of the bunny, it is at http://warriorofthewind.deviantart.com/art/Blooni-the-Bunny-89037050 )

Amy a.k.a. dragonryder4

Way to cute :) Me & my two girls are doing up some today ! They are picking out fabric as I type this LOL, I will post pics to my blog when we are done. Thanks so much for the pattern!!!

Tracey Conrad

Awesome!!! I posted this on my blog and linked it to your site!


very cute :) thanks for sharing


Its so lovely missy.. i want one too.. i have to try to make this.. its lovely...


I love this!
Kissies from Argentina :D


My wife is working on the pillow right now. . . I made a felt variation of the bunny here:


love this, love the fabrics, thanks for sharing

Vickie E

I found your link on CRAFT and love it...I so want to make those for my girls!


This is so cute!
I made one for me and my friend!


OMG - this is a MUST MAKE!! Thank you so much!


Thank you so much for posting this tutorial! I just finished one for my niece for Christmas. I've gotten rave reviews from everyone that I've shown it to (and linked back here for proper props to you. :) Thanks again!


I've been working on these for the last two nights. They are so cute! The bunnies took me forever to turn and stuff - much longer than I thought they would. So I've never done embroidery before, and I'm panicking because maybe I should have done the face before I stuffed them? EEK!


Hi, Missy! Have commented here before but ran across this post via SewMamaSew and wanted to say this is such a cute tut! A great little gift idea...

Carmen Gonzales

I'm tagging you for name game...Go to my Blog to read how to play...hugs...Carm

Dani W

This is so cute! I'm going to be making a bunch of these for my friend (her nickname is Bunny, and she needs some cheering up) and I'm then going to put them inside some hollowed out books for maximum hide-away cuteness. :3


So cute! I love it! I am a bunny owner and have a bunny-themed room. It will be a great addition to my collection!


this tutorial is very nice!

but your bunnies seem very ungry..... ;o)))

I put a link in my blog

antonella from italy


ooooh my goodness those are the cutest!

Account Deleted

hey, i missed this! how cute is this? and that is really really really nice that you are selling the rights for so little... i wish i had several arms so i could sew with a pair, cut paper with a pair, and play with the kiddo with another pair... could that even work?! hehe...

btw, i tagged you since i'd love to know more about you- its always fun to find quirks and goodness about others, ya know?! http://greenbeanbaby.typepad.com/main/2007/01/weirdness_cute_.html


This is just the cutest ever!!! I'm going to have to give it a go. Thanks for the great tutorial:)

jenny holiday

Loooooooove this!!! too bad I cannot sew!! My goodness!! I wish I wish!! Love it to bits though!! so so sweet and vintagey!!

you clever stylish doll you!!

Happy New Year!!
xoxo Jenny


These are so cute. I was born on Easter so bunnies have always been sort of a theme with me :-)

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