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January 25, 2007


Lawrence Gilstrap

How cute is this tooth fairy pillow! It doesn't look like a fairy at all. Hahaha! This seems easy. I'll try and do one later.


Dear Missy, thanks so much for this tutorial. I just made 2 cute tooth pillows for my kid. She loves them. Here's the link to my blog http://mypilo.blogspot.com/2011/05/first-loose-tooth.html
Warmest regards from Jakarta. Landy ^^

Katia Craig

The pillows look so cute! I'd love to make one for my little kiddies. This tooth fairy thing made me remember one of the funniest stories in the household. My son lost a tooth back then. Of course, he'd keep the tooth, right? He placed it on top of the cabinet for a while and looked for some kind of a pouch where he'd put it. Coincidentally, one of my brother's dental implants was on that same cabinet. My son mistakenly got that implant and put it in the pouch. It's a good thing that the tooth fairy didn't get it. LOL! Oh, those were the good ol' days back in Sarasota. Anyway, I'll be making one of these for my daughters. Thanks for the patterns!


Thanks so much for the tutorial! I am going to make one of these for my daughter. She just got her first loose tooth this this week, so exciting:-)


This is so sweet - and easy enough for beginning stitchers. I've added a link back to this crafty tooth fairy project from my lens, Tooth Fairy Legend (http://www.squidoo.com/toothfairylegend)

Mary Webb

Thank you! Keep creating. I love it. Maybe I'll come up with something someday. Mary


Tho the kids are past it The grandkids are coming up fast oh and the great grandkids :)))


Muito obrigada, estao lindissimos!!!
Thank you, they are so pretty!
My daughter hasn't lost any teeth yet but she has two that are starting to get a little wiggly and I am looking for ideas on tooth fairy pillows. It looks like these will work just fine for what I need. They are very creative and cute too!


Thank you for this idea! I made one for my daughter who has her first wiggly tooth! We can't wait to use it. I am planning on making them for my two younger sons soon and putting them away for them! So crafty!


Hey Missy! Thank you SOO much for this cute tutorial! I made a couple for my kids today:


Kim Lotarski

Thanks so much for the tooth fairy pillow tutorial!
Super cute - and my girls love it. (I will make another one today for my 4 year old even though she isn't even close to losing a tooth)
I took a picture - but don't have a clue how to post it! :0

Jan Kappmeyer

We got to use the first of the many tooth fairy pillows I made for my grand kids last night! What fun it was. If you want to read about a very happy little boy go check out http://kgusfam.blogspot.com/
Thanks again, we love them


Great ideas thanks

Jan Kappmeyer

Thanks so much for this tutorial. I made one for each of my grand kids and a few for gifts! So cute!


Hello from the Toothfairy Online!
Your pillows are a charming project for crafty folks! Please visit my whimsical yet informative website, it is sure to make you smile!
Good-bye, gotta fly!


Love this tutorial so very cute ! Thank you so much!
hugs ginger


I have one of these I made witout your pattern and yours looks so much better!

Claire k

merci pour toutes vos jolies choses!!!
i will try...

Debra Asmussen

My little girl is 4 1/2 and is very excited about losing her teeth. She has yet to loose one but has friends that have. I have been looking around for a pillow to make for both of my children (I had a really cute one when I was little). This is by far the cutest pattern I have seen. I can't wait to get started!!


very cute. I think I will make one for my granddaughters who seem to be losing all their teeth at once, poor things, how do they eat? lol. Thanks for sharing the pattern. Hugz, Scary

Lady D'Onne Smith

Thanks so much. I think even I could make these for grands...hugs Lady D'Onne


it's very nice!!!!

I put a link in my blog!

antonella from Italy

jennifer peterson

thank you my oldest has lost 2 teeth and I NEEED to make one of these thanks Jen


That is the cutest tooth fairy pillow! Thanks so much for sharing it! My daughter will love it!


Pure Sweetness!

Jenny H

That has to be the cutest tooth fairy pillow I have ever seen! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!


These are adorable!!! Thank you soooo much for sharing! Charlotte is going to LOVE it! Now, I can have an excuse to buy more fabric too!

carole crawford

this is so cute and looks very easy..


Hope you have an awesome day :)


WAAAAY cute! Much cuter than my sons boring ole pillow that just has a pocket on the front.


CUUUTTEEE! I am so making one of these, ASAP! Even though my kids are years away from needig one.

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