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January 24, 2007



My mom made that exact blanket for me, too! I have it around here somwhere.

janet bernasconi

Hi Missy!

Sorry I am a bit late in wishing you a Happy Birthday! Hope it was great!

I am really enjoying your blog and all the ladies with so much wonderful talent too.

Wishing you all the best!

Janet Bernasconi


Happy Birthdaay to youuuuu
Happy Birthday to youuuuu
Happy Birthday to Misssssyyyyyy
Happy Birthdayyyy tooooo youuuuu!!!!!

Kathy Giles :)


OH my! Happy Birthday! What a fun way to look back... via your quilt and stuffed animals with your kids along for the ride! I hope you're having a great day! Heidi
(It's already late...just take the whole week to celebrate, not just the day!)

Jenny H

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!! Welcome to the 30's! You'll love it! I promise :-)


omg...i think that I had that same stuffed puppy dog!!! And I have over 7 years on you!!!!! You're not old at all!!!! Think of how your mom feels today! LOLOLOL When Daisy is 30, I'll remember to ask. Love you!! Missy You!! Happy Birthday!


I think I had a quilt made from the same pattern! Except I loved mine to death. Literally. I have it somewhere, but it looks AWFUL!

HAppy birthday! 30 isn't old, dear!

ps I think we are gonna do FTT thursday afternoon or Friday.


Happy Birthday!!! I love the blanket. You've kept it so nice too!

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