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February 17, 2007



Well you know the Real Housewives of the OC is my favorite...I'm just still trying to figure out why they call them "housewives" LOLOL I have yet to see one of them do any laundry, or clean anything.
Missy you!

Dawn Castro

I get a kick out of watching the wives of OC!! can you believe the one daughter whose daddy bought a brand new BMW!! Her mother told her that she didn't need the new car and the daughter said, "I worked hard for it!" doing what?!! Give me a break!
My family is big NASCAR fans. I won't say who we cheer for, Jimmy Johnson, But we sure have fun watching!! Are you going to try and go to the races somewhere? I am waiting to go to Vegas!!
Love your blog!


Love these shows, too. My hubby loves your dude on Idol for one reason only (paraphrasing here):
Judges: "Why do you want to be on American Idol?"
Chubby guy with fro: "To make David Hasselhoff cry."


O.k. Missy...Seriously...You just named my top 3 favorite shows! I am addicted to Tivo and couldn't live without it because I would miss WAY to much. That O.C. show just cracks me up! I can't even imagine earning $400K on one real estate deal and then having my daughter tell me that she deserves 100K from it! OMG!! Thanks for the smile! I have to go catch up on my Tivo now!


Awww man! The fro guy is totally my fave, too! He cracks me up. I'll be completely floored if he isn't and audience fave, too. Oh and I like the guy with the shaved head, who missed his baby's birth. He's sweet. I kinda like that this group of Idols is all normal looking. None of them are totally hot or anything. They are all just normal...

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