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February 28, 2007



Oh Man!!! i wanted that little musical teddy!!!!!! It is sooo sweet!!!! Hope to see ya at your site. I haven't been able to produce enough to put on it.... Take care. Your bears are darling!!
Mica Garbarino

andrea j

Hi Missy,

I've just found your site and blog through Flickr. These bears are absolutlet gorgeous. Gosh your work's lovely. Just saw the SOLD page and fell in love with just about all of them. Have you ever appeared on Cute Overload or alerted them to your work? How could they resist??? Fabulous.

I'll be back! Andrea.


That little one with the sash is after my heart. I don't know how you do it, Missy.


love those bears! Esp the one on the far right. too cute..



Your Photography is Fabulous ! ! !

The Adorable Bears & the Sunny Sky doesn't hinder the result! I am having the worth time taking pics.

Love your New Bears


Missy, Those Bears are absoultly adorable. I love your Work.. I just added your blog to my blog as one of my favorite Blogs...


Missy, Great pictures! I *love* your sky! That's a great photo, with the cutie on pink gingham with the pretty CA sky and clouds! Wow. It's dark, cold and rainy here but your picture cheered me right up! Now I've off to go check out your bears on Glitter!

carole crawford

i make bears and sometimes i have the problem of boy or girl... there have been times at shows that i have even changed names...outfits etc... cause it wasn't right the first time... your bears and rabbits are really cute... and that one is most decidedly (is that a word) a little boy...


I just LOVE your adorable new bears!!!

I know what you mean about IDOL. I think that there are just to many good contestants this year! I LOVE Lakisha and the DoLittle girl...but I also like 3 of the boys! Ahhhh it is going to be a tight win this year for sure!



Oh yes...he's definiatly a boy -that one! Pure cuteness! Wish I lived there...Id definiatly join in all that backyard fun!!!!

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