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February 12, 2007



Just posted my silly girl to flickr :) thanks for the pattern!


Thank you! The doll is very cute!


She is super cute. I gave mine eyebrows instead of the big eyelashes and made her a blonde. I gave her a big red smile and made her out of felt. She is wearing a cat print dress and will soon have a cat friend :) THANKS!


Hi Missy, Can you tell me how I can buy this pattern? I saw on the last page of the instructions you can purchase this pattern, but I can't seem to find the area here where I can purchase it. Thanks, she is adorable, and I can tell I am going to be getting some requests!


I've found your pattern on your website and am now addicted to making silly girls. Have made one myself and using the template my girls have done a rabbit, a bear and a silly girl each. We absolutely love them! Thanks sooo much for sharing! Am going to make some more as gifts for friends' babies!

Missy Ballance

I made this doll over five years ago. I assure you I didn't copy you, because I don't even know who you are... but it is because of copying that I haven't blogged for 6 months. Trust me... i don't copy... but I've had my share of copiers.

Rosa Lee

This is very similar to my Darn It doll


This is a great pattern! I would recommend it to anyone! I just love it! I hope to post my finished dollie on flickr ASAP! Thanks again for the pattern!!


Thanks for the freebie. I have put a link to it on my freebie blog...hugs Khris

lolli lover

Hi, love your doll, so sweet! She even has little blushed cheeks!

American Girl

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Thanks for helping spread the good word!


American Girl

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Thank you so much! I was searching for a project to do with my daughter today and your silly doll is perfect!


I wish i still made dolls she would be a sweetie to make, Hmmm ijust might try it.

Marilyn Southmayd AKA GrandmaMarilyn

Cute pattern. Too bad I don't make dolls anymore.

alex duenkel

missy, if I wanted to make a few more dollies for sale (my friends are asking!), which pattern should I purchase from you? or is it okay to use the Lazy Daisy pattern?

madame chocolat

thank you for this great pattern!


She is super cute and so awesome! Thank you!


thank you for the pattern !!! I guess I will son try to make one !

Angie @ Many Little Blessings

This doll is so sweet! I may have to make one after the holidays!


Now THAT is a silly silly girl. Love her!


Amazing, very cute...
Thank you so much for sharing...
Kristy =0]


Hi! I googled free rag doll patterns and found this post. I just wanted to say how cute your silly girl is and that I will be making some for my neices. Thanks for sharing!!!

Creative Origins

Just LOVE this doll! What a great "quickie" project. Thanks so much for sharing.


I made a silly girl!
You can see her on Craftster:


She was for my cousin's daughter, Lauren, who liked her a lot! Thank you very much for making this pattern available. :D


Oh is she ever cute!!!! I just love her!!

Sherrie Nordgren

First!! Missy, Thank you very much for this pattern!!!I just finished my Silly Girl and have placed her on your flickr group
I also will place a post on my blog ,Thank You again

Kathy Baker

I just made your "silly girl' doll....she turned out sooooo adorable...I made her w/ a xmas theme look . Thanks for posting her pattern and sharing. I've only made dolls for @1 year, now I'm hooked on them ....She's a Doll!
Thanks Again!!

Joyce (beeblecat)

I want to make a couple of cute dolls for two special little girls and found your great pattern. Thank you so much. I know they'll love them. I'll post them on flickr when I get them done.


Hello from Italy:
I love your blog, is always plenty of inspiring things.
This doll is adorable!
Thanks for sharing!


Love this cutie.


I just found your blog today. You have so many cute things on here! Thanks for sharing this pattern. :-)

Leigh Anne

Mine is cut out and ready to be sewn. I plan to finish her tonight! I can't wait to get home from work so I can finish.


Here's the link to my sweet girls that I finished last night:)


Oh. My. Goodness!!! I just finished my first two Silly Sally dolls and I am thrilled to death with them! Thank you for the wonderful pattern. I'll be posting pics on my blog tomorrow:)

amanda bel

Cuteness!!! Can't wait to try it!


when I saw this pattern, I had to make dd one.

Thanks for sharing


Missy, Thank you very much for this pattern, and your great encouragement for making this little "Silly Girl"! It was no turning back for me, once I saw she got to have a coffee bath and get baked! It took me 4 hrs to get the first one cut and stitched...Yes, it was a challenge, but once I put the stuffing in her and she came alive - whoopie! Here's my blog address to show you my two. Thanks again for the pattern, Missy. Sallie


Your doll pattern is precious. I will share your blog with others so they can see what a terrific place it is.


I just love these dollies I have made three of them.. you can see them here.. http://craftymummy2two.blogspot.com/2007/02/today-what-to-do.html.. Thank you for sharing this adorable Pattern


I just love these dollies I have made three of them.. you can see them here.. http://craftymummy2two.blogspot.com/2007/02/today-what-to-do.html.. Thank you for sharing this adorable Pattern


Hi Missy, I've been so consumed with my reno's that I missed the People's Choice voting. What a fun concept though.
I'll try to get in on little Miss Dolly. It'll be interesting to see different takes on her.


Yippe, I'll give her a try one of these days!

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