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March 20, 2007


renae boudreaux

This little dog is a show dog.People whould pay big bucks for viedo of him.Like the puppy bowl on the aminal chanel at superbowl time.He is alot like a cat.Loves cat toys.This morning he was draging the cat toy stick and all frm room to room.He is such a fierce little beast.SOOOOOOO the name bear really fits.Daisy gave him a ride in her barbie convertible.

jenny holiday

ohhh my gooodness Missy!! tooooooo cute!! Will you be making a lil plush version of this guy? :)

xoox Jenny


I will mark my calendar. I got the email from ZNE yesterday and now I am so excited that I put two and two together and realized it was you!! It will be great to chat and get some needed gossip.

Helle Greer

Cute little pup bear.
you must be one proud mama.


Your moms post made me cry!!!! She is just so sweet!!! You are very lucky to have her! I am major BUMMED that I will miss your chat!!!!! We have baseball practice!!!!

Mama Urchin

Super cute little guy.


Aww that's one cute pup!

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