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March 17, 2007



I'm a little late commenting here but I wanted to say what a great attitude you have. I had a friend who did a show (she made purses) and sold nothing and she was so burned by it she never made anything again. It's a shame because she's talented...as are YOU! Wow, those are cute bears! I always say that, and I always mean it. You have adorable stuff. Good for you for going for it and for having fun!

Laura Lynn

Oh Melissa!

I'm so sorry the show didn't work out for you :( Your display was darling and your bears are ADORable!!


Well, at least you have the pics of you and your friggin' awesome display. Seriously amazing (as usual)!


Your table was incredible and your Bears!!! To die for!!! I wish I was able to come!! I want one of your creations soooo bad!!!!
Oh, and you are the cutest little thing!!! I love your apron!

renae boudreaux

It really was alot of fun.People watching is really more fun then people think.First of all we were not dressed in green and it was Staint Pat's day and who knew so many people were into that .Where are the green bears when you need them.Plus it was time alone with my daughter which I never get.We always have kids and husbands arround.That alone time was well worth having to eat at Missy's most favorite resturant on the way home then getting sick later.It was a really cute display and was about a 10 minute tear down setup.I was so proud.People may not have bought but there was alot of interest,and that counts.
I was so proud.LOve Mom


aaaahhhhh...I wish I was there!!! I can't beleive all those lil cuties didn't sell out! I just don't "get" shows anymore!!! Well you looked as cute as can be!!!! Apron looks so darn cute on you!!! Wish I had you skinny lil legs!!!! Missy you!


ooo! you are making me nervous for the nevada city show! i hope i do okay...your bears are so so adorable, and cheap i might add...if i wasn't saving up for my trip, i would be all over that panda!! so cute!

be sure to say hello when you do come to the teddy convention! :D


WHat a bummer, Missy! I am totally shocked. People are dumb. yay for us at HP, though!


Missy, sorry to hear your show didn't go so well :(
Don't worry your bears are the cutest! Sometimes shows just go that way.
What do they know anyway:)
Your display looked really great I like what you did with the doll houses.



Aw.....everything look absolutely splendid!!! Thanks for sharing all the great pics. So sorry to hear you didn't sell anything. Can't imagine why.
Big hugs!

Carole Henares

Hi This brought back so many memories for me. I did the Teddy bear shows for over l0 years, and you do make regular customers, but it takes time. At my first show, I had to actually leave and let my daughter sit there, it was way to hard for me. While I was being ill in the restroom, she sold half of my stuff. It is a good idea to give everyone that looks interested your business card as they may later call for an order or want to know where you will be next. Another good place to sell is at Teddy bear tea parties. Your work is just adorable and I think it is just the times, people don't have the extra money to spend on fun things for themself and that was mostly why I stopped doing the shows. Of course, I did painted clothes with teddy bears on them, mostly denim and I just burned out. I am hoping to maybe listing on ebay and try some of my painted items. When you do what you love, the money will come....because you are happy, your creating and it makes people smile. Good luck. Carole (Mimi is my grandma name)


I don't understand it. What kind of people go to these shows and not buy the cutest things ever? Sheesh, what a disappointment. Well, I am sure you'll sell your cuties on your website.

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