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March 28, 2007


Amanda H.

That's so cute! She is adorable.

Amanda H.

That's so cute! She is adorable.


This was so cute! Thanks for sharing! I loved this little gal and her mom held it together very well wrapping it up in the end with a little lesson on word usage. "OOoooooooh." was the sweetest most sincere I had heard in a long time!!!!


SO GREAT! Oh my god, I sent it to everyone I know, and posted it on my blog as well.

haha! I love kids.


LMAO! That's hilarious!


It just goes to show that 3 year olds are smarter than the rest of us (*guffaw*)- if someone's gonna kick your ass, you'd better be prepared to kick back (*giggle*). I hope her parents know how lucky they are to have such a smart youngster (*snort*). I'm goning to be thinking about this all day - I can't stop laughing - thanks :)



My son showed me that this week, As a Grandmother "Bubbie" of a 3 year old....Even I thought that was Hilarious, of course we don't want Children talking like that, but That Monster is So Serious to Her.... Just don't let the little one see you laugh !

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