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May 24, 2007


Helle Greer

Hi Missy,
thank you so much for tagging me, and sorry for not putting up my list. Here are my excuses:
As you can tell I have been a bad blogger the last 2 weeks, and I NEVER make lists, my husband is always on my case, bacause he is the organized one, and makes lists for EVERYTHING, so I guess I could put one of his up there LOL
Come over and join my "give away"

Nicole Ellison

I did my list.....had to write it up just for the post...as I didn't have one. I've been making a list in my head....and telling myself I really NEED to sit down and assign myself chores everyday! Maybe this will help me!

Happy Zombie

I had to laugh about the Kaiser entry. I haven't had Kaiser in almost 15 years (wish I still had it... but no Kaiser close enough to where we live). Anyhoo... I was saying how I CRS... but I can rattle off my Kaiser number in a heartbeat!

I'll be workin' on my list. HA... I'll PUT it on my list!


Pray tell, Missy! Where do you find your energy to do everything on that list? You are unbelievable! Do you ever go to sleep? Do you have super powers or Missy clones helping you out? lol! Anyway,thanks for tagging me. I'll post my to-do list pretty soon.

Have a wonderful weekend!


You are one busy woman! Lists are awesome. I couldn't get anything done without mine. It's why some days I just spin around in circles, aimlessly -- no list to guide me.

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