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May 28, 2007



I'm glad to hear this!


Some questions seem to be unanswered. Did the whale ambassadors get a chance to communicate with the California legislature? What is so important that two were sent for the first time in 20 years?

And why not Washington, DC? Don't they receive ambassadors? Why didn't whales go there? Or did they?

I suspect the whale concerns are more a states issue and not a federal issue. Maybe, (like Ron Paul) they saw the federal involvement in whale affairs as constrained by the constitution.

Why did they come? Were they crying for us?


I am so happy to hear this. I haven't had the news on for days it seems like. The last time I looked I could swear I saw a dead whale on camera and FREAKED.. but I came at the end of the story and never heard. Thank goodness!!!

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