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June 03, 2007



Hi Missy,
beautiful pics thanks again for helping me out with the shorts.
I hope your big boy feels better and the test will come back with a clean bill of health. i had 3 dogs one of them pass away and it was so hard. the vet bills were very expensive even to just bring your dog for a check up. When u love something price is just a number ( i wish) like my love for teddy bear making and i know you can agree with me there lol.
have a great weekend!


She was a drug addict... I'm not nieve. She had all the signs of meth use, and I had to deal with her drug dealer buddies harrassing me for calling the cops on her for over a year after she ran into the gate. It's not that I'm making judgements... I'm just not nieve. And as far as her piece of crap car... it was a piece of crap car and I never said it made her bad. As you can see, I also have a old car in my drive way that we are not willing to get rid of. We have 1 new car between the two of us... think of it what you will.

Dorothy Stuhr

The lady on methadone may not be a drug addict, it is used also for people with severe pain, when nothing else will work. And respectfully I would like to point out not everyone can afford a nice new car, it dosn't make a person "bad" to "drive a piece of crap car" It just means they are poor, no shame in that.


he is so adorable, I hope he is alright. What a doll though!


Missy, you look so good in these pics! I guess Daisy and pup are pretty cute, too.


Girl, you look like a model strutting your stuff with a must-have accessory! That is such a cute "poochie" purse! LOLOL!


I miss talking to you. You have such a way with humor and words! I needed this laugh! Thanks so much for sharing this real life true story!! :0)



Ha ha.... what a funny story about your neighbor. She sounds like a trip... literally! And your little boy (I mean big boy) is so adorable. Being tutored is such a good thing for him.... cute description. Years ago, when I used to board my doggies, I would say, "It's time to go to camp!"

Have a great week!


Sorry bout your little guys liver. And your crazy neighbor :)


You and pooch are so cute!

jen duncan

Oh he's precious, and so are YOU! Yeah, that's a good cammo shirt you've got on there. My neighbor behind me was wearin a shirt like that not long ago and I asked when she was due....ahem....she wasn't . :O I don't make those assumptions anymore :P


Look at that sweet little cutie! Eeep! My Ava would be in looooove. Hope he is all better soon.

Laura Lynn

Bump... WHAT bump???? I wish I could eat Mexican food and Krispy Kremes and look like that!!!!

Awww, I'm so sorry about the little one. Hope the tests all come out ok. I hear ya about vet bills.... but yep, worth every penny! (Isis is doing GREAT!)



LOLOLOLOL You CRACK me up! EVERYTIME I see a cute guy in an old truck...I think of you! Or if I see a really SCARY guy in an old truck...I call you and tell you I have just the guy for you! LOLOL Or better yet, when I'm with you....we make a big deal of it! I can totally see you, barefoot, preggo and scarf on your head holding your dog riding around in a "beater truck". That's the Dixon coming out of you! Once a country girl...always a country girl! Me...once a city girl...always a city girl! LOLOL You BETTER not take me down to that freaking water hole again...and expect me to sit on a bug infested log! LOLOLOL Missy you!

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