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August 12, 2007



Hey Missy!

I have a whole bunch of those little pink figurines too. I think they were a cereal insert or something like that, in the 50s. Anyway, that's the line I bought when I got a batch of 'em somewhere. Though, they would indeed be cute on cupcakes, too!

xo - Chel


man o man what a dork I am! sorry for now this 3rd post! LOL


10 days with your BFF? what fun! I love your little cupcake tags! and can hardly wait to see how you use your new supply of pink cake toppers!


Missy! Man oh man...you and Nicole must have tore up your town! How fun to have your BFF there for 10 days! I love you little Cupcake tags and I can hardly wait to see how you use all those cupcake toppers!

Melissa Thomason

Wow Missy, I love those pink cupcake toppers - so retro! They remind me of childhood birthdays. You inspired me to look for something similar on ebay. I'v got vintage ballerina cake toppers on their way.


Missy you sound like youhad a blast. I wish we had something like that near here. I would definitely be in trouble for sure! Well you scored girlfriend! Cant wait to see the great new designs you come up with. Have a fun day creating!


Wow, you found some really cute goodies. I look forward to seeing the finished projects.
I love the Smokey the Bear sheet. I just found some great items of Smokey on ebay. I remember learning all about him in grade school, so we go back along way.
So glad you had a fun day with your mom.
Take care and until next time
Hugs, Karen


I love the Smokey the Bear fabric! Looks like you found some great stuff.


Well you came up on some great goodies! I can't wait to see your projects when they are done. I LOVE the smokey the bear sheet!


I'm so glad I left before that Antique Show...we'd probably be fighting over who gets what.....just kidding! LOVE the sheet! I have a smokey the bear patch that I found at my grandmas YEARS ago...and it's still around here somewhere. Glad you had fun with your mom! Moms are always GREAT to spend the day with!
Missy You!

Cheryl Dack

Oh thank you, Missy!! :) You've made my day, Sweets! hugs, Cheryl


Ha, the vintage cheetos comment is too funny.

Somewhere on this big internet I have seen the CUTEST apron made from that smokey bear the sheet. Was it yours or have you seen it?


I'm glad to hear those aren't vintage Cheetos. ;) Man, you really nabbed some great finds. Can't wait to see the goodies you cook up!

Mel Goodsell

What a beautiful stash!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog too. Thanks for having such a great pattern and sharing it too - I have one cut out, but I haven't stitched her yet.
Have a lovely week

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