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August 10, 2007



Wow that is some uber cute stuff!

jen duncan

So glad you have each other to look forward to. I love the handled binder cover idea! Must try to remember that!


Ok, so I'm sorry it's a ducky. Can I please get you to make me one?????

folksie linda

Hi Missy, Sounds like you had a ball, there is so much fun having a friend you can do all those things with.. you must cherish her very much! Glad to hear you had a spectacular time! Thinking about the owl swap... i in a few more and don't want to over do.. but going to see.. maybe this one.. maybe the next. Hugs, Linda


Isn't it great to spend time with someone who's a kindred spirit? Especially a kindred spirit that does your laundry - it doesn't get any better than that! The things you girls made are adorable! And, so is your dog. If my wiener dogs could get up on the table like that, they would definitely do so! LOL!


The book covers are just too cute I swear. Glad you guys had a great time. Your dog is hysterical!!!


What FUN!

Elizabeth Holcombe

OMG!!!! You two certainly had a FUN and CRAFTY 10 days!!!!! Don't you just love times like that! NOW you MUST schedule abother time to get together right after you parted! It'll keep the excitement of getting together alive! XXOO, Beth


OOOhhhh Missy! Sounds like you had a fun girlie filled visit! Doing and eating the things I LOVE MOST! I just LOVVVEEE the aprons! Such sweet and yummy colors. The dolls are so precious!!!


Cute, cute and stinken' cute!

Don't worry Missy, there's always a next time.


those book covers are too dang cute!


It was cool getting to meet the girl we hear so much about! What was her old nickname? ;) She was nice to sit through that mafia meeting. zzzzzz ;)


look slike you girls had a great time. girlfriends are just the best.... and especially those that do your laundry!!!!


aaaaahhh I missy you so much already! I just got home....kiddo is wiped out..slept the car ride all the way home! Ok..now that your laundry is all done...time to get to mine! LOLOL Suitcases are thrown in the middle of the living room...."C" has already been diggin out his treasures to show his dad! Missy you VERY MUCH!!!! And I'll ALWAYS do your laundry! As long as you always cut my bangs! LOVE YOU!

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