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August 22, 2007



MISSY! OMIGOSH! Thank you soooo much for giving me the nice award! Im sooo flattered! *BLUSH*. Im DYING to see more of your BIG HEAD furry creations. Especially the bunnies. HINT! HINT!


You certainly deserve the "nice" award because that's what you are. N-I-C-E!!!!

You sound like you need a major R&R. Especially after you've been sniffing glue. I hope it was the good stuff. LOL!


Hey, Missy....love those little holders you are making! Glad you got your package and that you liked everything!!!

Helle Greer

Hey Missy,
Thanks for your comment, yes I could not believe I won.
You have been a busy girl, love all the stuff you have going on here. Is the "hey cupcake" a stamp?? so darn cute.
You are so stinkin' talented, love all the little dolls too, I could just go on and on, so I better stop.


those lil id holders are toooo cute!
can't wait to get all the details for the swap and get started on it.



Missy you make me tired just listening to all the fun things you have going on.

Love the id holders...the fabrics are wondrful! :) They will do so well at the show. :)

Have a wonderful, relaxing & safe camping trip. You deserve some R&R. :)

I am gonna send you an email in regards to blogging. :) No rush...you can just get back to me when you get back all rested & raring to go. LOL ;) Have fun!

Lisa Thoms

Nice, you called me "nice?" Wow, those glue fumes must've been STRONG!!! LOL!

Thanks for the tag and the mention. I don't know you do it all. You must be an extremely organized person!!!

Hugs from nice to super sweet !!!!


Be careful with that glue, Missy! Sounds like you are keeping busy and crafty, and that's a good thing.


Stop with the sniffing glue!!! You have too much to do without having your brain fried. LOL!!!!!
Those are some cute little holders you made. Adorable!!!!!


Crazy girl - sniffing glue? Does that give you extra energy to do all the stuff you have going on in your life right now? LOL!!
Congrats on your "Nice" award!!
Those ID holders are the cutest little things, and very practical, too.
Have a wonderful, relaxing time camping - sounds like you could use some R&R to me!


Yay, Missy! Thanks for the mention (and the um, tag, I guess). Those card holders are super cute!!! I was already tagged by Melody and ignored it. I wonder how long I can get away with doing that. lol.


Hi Missy,
You are too funny. Sounds like you are super busy! I think everyone is busy this summer, I haven't posted anything in over a week, just keeping cool and having fun with this hot weather while it lasts.


Holy Moly- you ARE busy!! Don't wear your self out- enjoy your time camping this weekend. We'll be thinking of you. And those ID holders are adorable!!!

BFF Nicole

What..you're sniffing glue? You know I couldn't find that glue when I was looking for it...I wonder why? LOL I remember back in middle school the kids used to love sniffing it! YUCK! But I don't blame you for not opening your window...if you know what I am talking about! LOLOLOL here fishy fishy! LOL Thanks for nominating me for the "nice matters" award! Back at ya baby! I missy you!


It's so nice to read your blog today. My you have been a busy bee. I look forward to the updates at Glitter and Grunge, love the little ID holders too.
Have fun camping with your family. Try to stay away from the GLUE.
Hugs, Karen

Laura Lynn

Sniffing glue? You be careful Girl! We'd MISS your posts!!! and you too :)

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