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August 13, 2007


Lorene Cook



Was there a Flickr group to post our Owl Swap picts or was I dreaming that up?


Anyone sending a package that is over 13 oz and has stamps (not meter tape) as the postage, then you cannot just put it in the mailbox, you will have to take it to the post office. It's a security thing and I had a package returned because of it!!

Susan at Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

Well, lucky me! I just got home and thought that I would read a friends blog and it directed me to you! I would love to participate in the owl swap. My son has an owl collection. I will have to look it over carefully for inspiration. Thank you. Susan at Black Eyed Susans Kitchen


Whoo doesn't love owls? So very happy to participate! I do have small children and would love to do one of the kids swaps sometime.

Michele and Camille

My daughter, Camille (15), is going to join me on this swap as she loves all things owl right now, too. It's only the second swap I have found join before closing time. Looking forward to it! Thanks.


OK - you got me:):) I've been lurking but since you extended the deadline to sign up, I'll take the plunge:) This sounds like it will be an awesome swap!!!

Folksie Linda

Okay You got me Missy!! I would love to join the owl swappie!! Hugs, Folksie linda


Can't wait till I have a name to put to my package.hehehe

Michelle Cummings

This sounds fun and I' love making Owl art!


I just heard about this through a blog comment to a post where I mentioned wanting to make an owl craft. Great timing.

I'd like to sign up.


I just heard about this through a blog comment to a post where I mentioned wanting to make an owl craft. Great timing.

I'd like to sign up.

Stephanie PRice

Oh I love owls!! Count me in as well!!


I am in! Sounds like fun!


Ok Missy, I MUST have one of those cute little chickens on your site.Will you PLEASE make me one?? OMG I have to have one.


Whooo Me? Yes, me!! I want to join in the Fun!!!

Karen Ross Smith

This is my first swap, I'M SO EXCITED!

Lori Brofsky

count me in. What a fun theme for a swap

Lori Brofsky

Count me in. What a fun swap theme-


OKie dokie, my first swap, this is what I NEED to get crafty again....a deadline, lol!


I LOVE Owls! Owls have inspired me from the start...My first words were, "Who-Who" which was the name I gave my grandmother. Now her great grandchildren call her Who-Who too!
Count me in!!!!


Ok, I'm in. Nicole talked me into it then Doe said she's doing it and I should do it so I'm doing it. LOL!!! But owls????? I'm not sure I know what to do with an owl. LOL!!! Ok, I'll get busy thinking about this one.


BooHOOOO... I'm in Canada so I cannot participate, though would love to - great idea - I love owls!!!


I'm in :) Can't wait to see how my partner is!


me please - love love love anything owlie!


I would love to participate. I saw owl stuff everywhere in Siena, Italy last year and ever since I've been slightly obsessed!

Elizabeth Holcombe

WHOOOO wants to be in this swap??? ME! That's WHOOOOO WHOOOOO! Can't wait! XXOO, Beth


I would love to join in the fun!!
Love me some owl goodies!


Oh how fun! I dont have a blog though. I should start one up, I always miss out on the things like this!
Have fun!


How fun...I've never done a swap and I just made a little owl wallet...although that won't be my swap since it's not a $20.00 value. Anyway would love to play.


Count me in also! Looking so forward to this!

lori marie

count me in...my first swap...woohooo!


Tammie Moore

Hi, I love owls.... Sign me up girl, here's my info Would love it to be partnered up with someone with my similar tastes if possible. Thanks

Tammie Moore
[email protected]

BFF Nicole

hhhmmmm i have NO CLUE as to what I would make....but I will not let myself pass up one of your swaps!!!! So count me in too!


yes! owls! i love owls :]

i'm signing up!


Please count me in- I just got a bunch of new owl fabric and scrapbooking stuff that I was not sure what to do with- now I know! :)


can i join in ... pretty please !!


OH! I would love to do this! How long would we have to make our Owl things?

amy welch

I want to play a long.I dont know how good anything will be that I make but I am in.yaya I heart owls!!!!


Ok, I have NO idea what I'm going to do, but I am SO in on this! :)


oh i am soooo in on this :)

this will be a hoot ;)


I've never done anything owl-ish but I love them! I'm joining up!!


I would love to swap owls! My husband says he loves hooters, but that is another story.:) Count me in!!!


I would LOVE to swap! I just finished a new owl pattern/design this weekend, my first owl ever. So I think I was MEANT to swap!!


I totally want to join :)

Lisa K.

LOVE owls: check the banner on my blog! I'd love to join the swap.



Ooh! Count me in! I'm sending you an email right now!


Ooh! Me! I want to be in. I've never swapped before and have been looking for a chance to!


Sign me up,I love swaps and meeting new people and can hardly wait to know who my partner is.


Sign me up I think this will be so much fun.I can hardly wait for my partners name.

Lisa Thoms

I love this idea! My mom collected owls when I was growing up so I guess I love them because they remind me of her. Count me in!


I'm in!

Lisa Thoms

This will be my first swap! Count me in!!!


I would love to be in this! Count me in!


ME ME! This is the whole reason I created a blog! ME ME ME- I CAN't wait!


I'm totally in!


I would love to do a swap for owls. I have swapped in awhile so this will be loads of fun:)

Cheryl Dack

Um....I have no idea what sort of owl I will make...I"m not generally an owl kind of gal....but I LOVE these swaps as they challenge me to make something I wouldn't have made otherwise! So count me IN! :) hugs, cheryl


Duh, I'm in.

Deanna Thompson

I just heard about this on SIStv and it looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! count me in!



omg. I am so excited I can barely stay in my seat!!! Count me in!


Who? who? Ok, I don't know what I'm going to do but I'm so in. I definitely have to do a major research on anything owl-y. LOL!

Kim Langston

I would so love to be a part of this owl swap. As a scrapbooker, owls are everywhere and I am in love with some owls. Plus I have seen some of the other fantastic swaps that you have done!

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