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August 05, 2007



Oh my gosh, is that my Pooh bear with the little pink ladies. How cute. I am so excited about him. Thank you so much, Missy.
Best friends are the best and it's sad to see them go. You and Nicole had so much fun and got so much done. Even the kids sound like they had a great time together.
Take care


Nicole did your washing - do you think she would like a trip to the UK ???
Glad you 2 had a great time, it must be fun to craft with your best friend, my BF can't even sew a button on !

Cheryl Dack

Awwwww....looks like you had a blast!!! That's so fun!!!! You two are so sweet... :) hugs to you both...cheryl :)


I am new to your girls' blogs but can already see that you are a hoot. So excited, motivated & just fun. Sure wish I lived closer...you girls would be a blast tohang out with. Keep up the awesome work. Love all your new creations! Hope you enjoy the rest of your visit together. Cant wait to hear abot more adventures. Have a great day girls! Oh and sorry to hear the kids are under the weather....that stinks! :)


Looks like you gals are having a great time. Nice work I love the little pink girls hope you have a great visit:)

Elizabeth Holcombe

You should see my pin cushion--Neener neener neener! ;))))))) Love yours, babe!
XXOO, Beth


WOW! What a super fun time! You two are really making use of time- cute dolls, great paper crafting tags, and the raddest pincushion ever... looks like a horse on its two back feet and the pins are the mane- I could be totally off! LOL :-)

Sam Johnson

It's early in the morning, and I'm going to be running late, because I somehow landed on your blog, and I CAN'T wait to come back when I have more time to visit. Some real positive energy here!!! Love it! Great Work!

Have a great day from New Hampshire

~Sam Johnson / Gollywobbles


I AM SO JEALOUS!!!! What a wonderful time you two are having!!!


OMG love the pink dollies. But then you know how I am with dolls. LOL!!! That pooh bear is adorable too. I'm jealous you two are having such fun. But don't let that stop you. :-)


you two are genuises...k spelled that wrong, so obviously I am not, but anyway. Pink girls-LOVE THEM. Business cards packs-LOVE THEM. Pooh bear-LOVE HIM.


You guys sound like you are having a blast. I am so envious! My BFF is in Sydney and November seems like so far away... Cant wait to see what else the both of you have been up to and creating. Your new package inserts are darling! Isnt it nice to mix up the paper and sewing projects! Keep on enjoying your little slice of heaven!


i so understand the excitement when a friend comes to visit. i am just settling into actually living 20 min away fom my best friend now. we've got garage saling a bit and crafting a bit. but its odd to be able to do it here in there instead of trying to fit it allinto the 3-4 days we have usually been givin in the last 7 years. have fun

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