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October 22, 2007


cathy nash

What a clever idea! I think it might have a chance, even without the logo.
And I'd really love to see the flowers and grass idea---since we are in an exceptional drought here, we're not allowed to wash cars, etc. and they tell us that a dirty car is a badge of honor. Well, mine is so dirty (we live off a dirt road!) that it just may sprout a flower or two. :-)


Oh my gosh, Missy! I want one! It looks fabulous!!!!


Woo Hoo!

You've been bestowed with an AWARD! Come collect it at my blog, Dearest one!


xo - Chel

PS - Thanks ALOT for the link. As if there aren't enough irresistible dolls in the world, I was forced to give in and purchase my very own Raggedy 'Ol Annie!


you are too fuuny! Grass and daisies!?! Only you! I would love to be on the freeway and see this happen!!


Hi. I found your blog by googling craft my ride entries becuase I wanted to know what other people made. Yours is amazing! I too didn't read the rules entirely closely so didn't use the logo, but oh well, it was fun. My entry is at www.livejournal.com/users/mrerin32

Carole Henares

You are such an inspiration...makes me want to pull out some of my crafts and create something. My vote is for you, it is funny but really useful.

Elizabeth Holcombe

Too cute! You SHOULD win!~~~XXOO, Beth


he is fantastic!
sheer originality and genious!!
ditto on the above comment re password authentication....
disneyland sounds like a blast!


That is so awesome! It's a winner for sure.


Hi Missy, This is so cute, what a great idea! By the way, I am getting a message when I come to your blog now that says Authentication Required and asks for my username and password to get to missybalance.typepad.com, I just hit cancel and then I get to your site without a problem. I am on a mac running firefox, not sure if its happening to all users but you may want to check it out.


OMIGOSH!!!!! I love him Missy!!! He's so ugly, he's CUTE!!! I would buy one!!! I could put him in the backseat of my car with my 2 year old son! He would love him!!! GOOD LUCK! Hope you win!!!
XOXO, Jenn

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