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October 22, 2007



Thank you for not putting your girls in skanky costumes!

kara spencer

oh missy I am super jealous disney is one of my fav places in the world, we get to go to the one in Paris every few years but its awful in comparsion to california, I went there when I was 11 for the day and it was magical all those 16 years ago bet its amazing now.
Love the minni mouse skirts yummy.


did you make those skirts for the girls? So cute!!


Oh I'm so jealous! We were at Disneyland for Halloween last year and had such a great time!!


Cute photos!!! That's so funny, Darryl and I got our free lanyards and pin sets and I got a free sundae out of it so I was happy. Of course, I didn't really know about the whole prize thing until later... I was wondering why employees kept congradulating us on our win! hahaha


Missy, those pictures are adorable. Your girls are sooo cute. Loved the costumes and sorry your dream didn't come true. LOL!!! Pisses ya off huh?? Keep on dreamin. Someday, someday.

Lisa Thoms

That is so cool - Disney at Halloween. Looks like you all had a great time. Sorry you weren't the 1 in 500 to win a great prize but maybe next time???


Welcome home! Looks like you had fun, even tho' you didn't win anything. :-D

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