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March 06, 2008


Heidi Woodruff

LOL Too Funny!


Word up Missy! Why didn't you tell me you could move that way? Woa. I see a whole new career in front of you!!!


Wow!! Such talent and flexibility! I'm going to go make one of those now (it's even better than the Christmas elves!). Thanks!

Debie Trotti

Wow! You and Gracie and Daisy can really bust a move! Nice.


LOVE it!!!! I'm still trippin on Daisy though...seeing her in a kids body and not a toddler body! LOLOL


Oh my gosh! What a hoot....like the elves at Christmas it made me bust up. Great jpb girls. I think I better get to dancing so I can lose those extra lbs. Hahaha LOL


LOL! I wish I could dance like that. Oh wait maybe I CAN! ...


omgosh thats too hiiii-larious! i have to go make one!

Katie Trott

you have got some moves!! I watched it 3 times! (with my boys, they thought you were cool too). This is just the best!
See you manana!
katie jean

Tamie Snow

You are such a dork! HAHA!
That was hilarious.

jessi nagy

dang girl, you can get your grove on!!!
i was laughing out loud. all i could think about is "night at the roxbury" (movie) so funny!
im sure you have seen it.
good moves mama!

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