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March 11, 2008



Absolutely loved your sweet table... only wish i could have come and seen it in person...such adorable goodies on that table...fairs are so much fun! Hope you did well! Hugs, Linda


What a great quilt Nicole. It's sooooo cute.


Total eye candy. I love your stamps so much Missy. Sending you an email now. You rock woman.

Katie Trott

your pictures always look so cute! gotta love the quilt too!

The Cat's Pyjamas

Hey, Missy....CUTE quilt!! Oh, and you have an award waiting over at my blog ;)


Heidi Woodruff

Everything looks so cute! Hope you did well there! The quilt is adorable!


Wow, what a pretty booth! Everything's so yummy,tempting and cute!


Everything looks great! Dang, girl! That quilt is ADORABLE!!!!! Love it!


Cute, cute table, as always! And are those new postcards with your spool dolls on them?? Lovely. Wish I could've been at both shows. Thanks for all your help/advice last night :)


Great display...hope you sold lots! Love the quilt too!


Great display!! Sooooo many coool things!! Way to go, Missy!! Hope you sold out!!! Hugs, Trudy


Look at all that cuteness!

jen duncan

What an adorable table you set up Missy! I'm glad you could hang with your friends, too. Wish I had more opportunities like that up here! Daisy's quilt is da bomb! Seriously! I'm so impressed, and so happy you've a mom that can bail you out when needed. ;-)

Sacred Snatch

Yay, I am glad it was a success. I seen Shonda's pics and I am about to see yours.

ps. can you check my link now, and see where it takes you? I am still trying to fix the dang thing.


Everything looks so lovely! I can't believe I've only found your blog recently. I need to get out more. ;)

I made some bunnies for the kids baskets from your pattern. So cute!


I LOVE that quilt!! I want one!!!!! Wish I was there at your show with you! Everything looks GREAT!

jessi nagy

so many cute things!
sounds like you had a blast.

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