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March 21, 2008



Hi everyone, im new here, my name is Natalya, i have been reading your site for long, a very nice community.
I am from Malaysia and learning to read in English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "Besides having a limited wind, their parents are long considered to wear penis of their album, bosley hair replacement."

Best regards :o, Natalya.



She's super-cute!


very cute doll...love those pigtails! :)


Your dolly is awesome! Great work! :)


I am soo bummed I missed out on the doll I know you have gotten out of the doll business but just wondered if you would be making anymore dolls I would love to have one.

Katie Trott

Congrats on maker faire!! I'm sure you'll have fun. I love the doll too, and her polka dot legs are so very cute!


How sweet is she! Bless xx


Hi Missy, your doll is very sweet.. i have many of your little raggedies you used to make. you are so multi talented girl!
I just designed two new softie dolls and can't wait until they are finished. I will be sure to post info on my blog when they are done. There is not enough time in a day and it really aggrevates me! I like to take my time which doesn't help getting alot done!
Hugs, Linda


What a cutie your doll is.


awww...shucks! thanks for the tag and you know you make my day! who else do i go to when i need to vent? love the doll! she has cool pokadot legs!


Way too cute! Happy Easter!!


your doll is just darling!


Your doll is just darling!!!!!


she is soooo cute !


That doll is very cute! I am looking forward to the maker faire!

Tamie Snow

Whaaaa? That's green?! It totally looks yellow in the picture I'm looking at (which is an excelent shot too, btw).
Oh well...purple hair for Gracie then!

tami wood

so sweet. I love her.


I love your new doll. Can she be made so that children can play with that style of doll?

Tamie Snow

That doll looks like Daisy! You should make my doll a brunette and it can be Gracie!
And thanks for the tag! You make my day too!!!


and you know you always make my day!


aww! you are sweet!

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