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April 06, 2008



If I lived in your area I would definitely be coming to stamp with you. Oh how I wish. My husband and I have been thinking of moving to California (Central to North, maybe Santa Clarita latitudeness) in about 5 years actually. We are considering the move because CA seems to have decent weather year round (we are looking to get away from Wisconsin winters)and having all the crafty goodness over there is definitely a huge plus for me!


Oh how I wish i lived in your area, I would be there Missy!! Sounds like so much fun!!
Hugs, Linda


WOW!!! What fun!!! A bit of a commute for me, though!! heheheheeee!! Enjoy, Missy!! You will be great!! Lucky students, too!!! Hugs, Trudy

Katie Trott

I love that shop! especially the shop windows!! :)


I am SO there! I think I might wait for the May or June class since April is so dang busy!

Alexandra Frankel

Omigosh, seriously, you are one BUSY lady!! love your new doll collection, they're adorable!! You ROCK!!!


No fair! I wish you weren sooo far away. I could use a crafty reteat.
I got jilted this past weekend as hubby headed to the Nascar race in dallas and didnt get me a ticket.


congrats...knock em dead! I am the proud owner of the entire Missy Ballance collection. I wish you all the best with your classes. I hope I can met you someday.


OMG a friend of mine came home with one of the stamps you designed and do you think I can find any?? :( I want them so much. Soooooo cute!

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