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May 01, 2008


Les Bidouyou

You have create a fantastic world ! This is the first time I visit your site and I really love all you do! I writte you from Paris and I 'd like to see your doll here. Best wishes for the futur ! See you

Just Jaime

Ha!! The stache is hilarious.


oh my a combover and a nudey! I hope you covered up his privates. Miss you MB!


the boyfriend is tooo fab
all he needs is a belly and some chest hair!!
hope you had a great mums day
have a great week


I love the dolls! My boys are always interested in what I am doing and often want to help or make something. I try to encourage them because they are right on the edge of not thinking I am cool! Got to take it while you can get it!


Love the dollies! Just too cute!


I was cracking up reading this post Missy. I totally know what you mean about kids wanting to "help" and about sewing rooms that could also do double duty as a "safe room" just in case anyone breaks in -- quick kids, dive in behind the laminating machine and oh watch out for that stash of pudding cups - I was saving those for a special occasion!!!LOL!!!

And the boyfriend just looks like he's raring to go - all rough and tough and in the buff! I may have to borrow him from you...

Heidi Woodruff

LOL Missy! too funny!!!!!!!!


Oh, it's combover guy! I missed the fun with him. I think the three of you wee worried he'd like me best so you didn't share. It's ok, I had a blast anyway!

Jennie M

I LOVE these!! SO cute! And I love the boyfriend too, lol! :)


What a cute boyfriend!! LOL!!


I enjoyed having a threesome with Mr. Combover! I haven't laughed so much in my life...it was a blast. Thanks, Missy!

Katie Trott

A naked boyfriend with a comb over, that's just what we all need! Hope you had a blast!!

Elizabeth Holcombe

OMG! The comb-over babe is hilarious!~~~XXOO, Beth


FUNNY!!! Girl, you crack me up! Those dolls are adorable. Even your boyfriend doll who looks like Gerardo Rivera with the comb over is stinken' cute!


The story cracks me up, Missy!! You are toooo funny!! Love that little guy...the 'stache is the best!! Hope the show/weekend were wonderful!! Give-away on my blog!! Check it out!!! Hugs, Trudy


Too cute!!
Smiles, pretty kinky posting him naked.. woo hoo.


Too funny!! I love your dolls, they are so adorable. -Shonna


Love the dolls- especially that handsome boyfriend! Didnt I spot him in that new Pepsi commercial? We'll be at the show Sunday and will be making a stop at your booth!

Tamie Snow

I like his porn-stache!


Hi Missy, The dolls are so cute. I'm going on Saturday so I'll drop by your booth and say hello!

Kim Langston

But does you boyfriend have to be showing his junk in public? Please put some clothes on that man!


oh my gosh, that is so funny! I want one!

Dena Berg (sugar shop)

OMG he is hilarious! We are going to the Baz Biz tomorrow, we've never been and my guys are excited. What's the diff between Maker Faire and Baz Biz or are they just the same thing. I'll keep my eye out for you! I'm still cracking up over the comb over!

Jessi Nagy

These dolls are so sweet.
I hear ya on the craft room lock down! take the flat screens, take the ipods. just don't even think about lifting any glitter.
tee hee.
Have a super fun weekend!!
Im headed to LA today for artistic affaire. im so excited. i love girls weekend!
we deserve them a few times a year!!

love your new boyfriend too, although i would have sewed the mouth shut. haha


Kim H

OMG these are way to cute! Have a wonderful weekend! I love the guy..he is so funny!


very cute! I have a very similar sewing room floor!!!


I'll be the first to say it... NICE combover! LOL! And I know he's naked... I made clothes but they were too small, so I'll start again tomorrow when I can measure properly! Luv you guys for reading!!!! xoxoxo~!

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