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September 04, 2008


Miss Boule

How gorgeous theses little puppets! I love this visit, see you!

Jennie M

Those purses are the cutest things ever!! :)

Susan N

Your purses are so cute. I hope you have more for sale soon. thanks.

Katie Trott

These purses are sooo stinkin' cute!! Only you could come up with these! And I do think they are an original idea, I haven't seen anything else like it before. I hope you have more sweet dreams like this in the future!!

Teresa Smith

Can I make a request if you make any more purses? I am a monkey freak and I would love one with monkeys on it. I would even be willing to pay extra for it.


Awwwwwwwwwww, so much warm and fuzzy eye candy!


Love those purses and that cupcake monster, adorable.


Those bags are adorable!!!!

Sherrie Nordgren

I wanted to buy one of your purses E-patterns , will you be adding more to your etsy?

katie moreland

I love your patterns & want to purchase one, but when i try to download you free patterns I can't... what progran do I need for downloading this stuff! Thanks so much>:)


WOW. I am in awe of the cuteness and creativity of the two purses. What a fantastic idea. I bow to your craftiness.


helps if I read huh? you will have to make more purses so we can buy them. you don't have to but it would be nice :o)


I love that bag. Super cute! I have to go see how much they are..


Those are so darned cool!

Amy Cluck

Super cute, Missy! I love them!

jen duncan

THOSE are some stinkin' CUTE purses Missy! OH, I'll have to go check but I'm positive they sold right away. GOOD JOB!!!

Erin K

Wow these are amazing!

Brook Owens

I don't know if my last post worked or not but these are ssoooooo cute!! I love how they have necks... right? also that fabric I ssoo love... my fabric store had it... of course when I went to buy it... they don't... damn!

Brook Owens

these are so cute! I love how they have necks! my fabric store was carrying that apple pear fabric... and of course its GONE now... how dare they!


Oh my gooodness, Missy. Make more, make more! They are cute, hilarious, adorable, ingenious and useful all at the same stinkin' time!


oh the cuteness!! Those bags are adorable!!

BFF Nicole

all I can say is my purse better be in the mail soon! LOLOL They are just too cute!!!!

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