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October 07, 2008



I found this to be cool one. I have made a costume for my daughter with glowing yarn from Barnet. She gets over excited when it glows in the dark. I would surely give your ideas a try.


I just saw HSM mentioned on another blog so now I know what it is and I want to go kill myself so I don't have to give out candy to trick or treaters who wear HSM costumes.


Oh congrats Missy on your new nephew, what an awesome name, tell your sister big hugs, I am only 10 weeks away and am slightly jealous.
HSM sucks, sorry I know there are like 5 million people thinking I just commited an awful sin but please have they seen it, its awful, they are mad about here in the UK and now we have just had a british version come out we have no chance.
Handmade costumes are awesome, tell your girls I am super jealous they have such a talented mom, my poor son will have no chance as I am awful and sewing etc.
good luck on that front anyway


Great costumes I think. But then what do I know right?? LOL That baby is adorable. Congrats to your sister and bro in law.


You SEW girl. You are a freakin' riot and I love you MB. Thanks for being so hip and so sassy.

I used some of your stamps yesterday in my class and they were a HIT. Love the pics and your posts. You always crack me up and congrats on being an auntie. I don't know what that word means or is it acronoym? I don't have my dictory handy. HA HA.

Katie Trott

I know, I know...
I had to buy a $39.99 Anakin Skywalker costume this year. Last year he was a zombie, totally made it myself. This year I am making 0 out of 3.

Janet (Halloween Costumes 2008)

Making your own halloween costumes is a great idea and it will be definitely unique. Your drawing is great too. I like it. Keep up the good work.


darn kids! they just have no idea! I cant wait to see your costumes!


Darn those kids! You are THE MISSY BALLANCE - Crafty Godess. They should be so lucky to have you make them a costume! Girl I would love to have you make my DD one. These sketches are the cutest. I say go forward with what YOU want to do! LOL!!!! I feel ya on HSM. I actually find myself singing the tunes when it's NOT on!

Hang in there girl. MWAH!


Missy, you are the coolest thing since packaged mac-and-cheese! LOL!

jen duncan

You're so gosh-darned clever. I'm not a bit surprised that they want store bought...that's just the way kids roll these days. Can't wait to see what they do end up wearing! :-)

Tracy M.

To funny! My 16 year old son was reading your post with me and he said he would love one of your monster costumes. Oh and he hates HSM too.
Good Luck and Happy Halloween!


Trust me, I FEEL your pain.

Amy Cluck

LOVE the costume ideas! My mom made me a Mrs. Pacman costume when I was little and it was the best! I'm not sure if I thought so at the time...but I think it's pretty cool looking back! LOL. I love the kits, I think I might need to get me one of those!


I would wear your costumes! Your kids are missing out! Oh well, at least they're grow out of it, right?

BFF Nicole

Make it! I say make it! I don't think as a kid that I EVER OWNED a "store bought" costume! Not with my mom, who was "Martha" before Martha became famous! LOLOL I think they are cute and I LOVE your super doooper drawings! They rock! Will you come here and make my costume for me! After looking at your drawings now I really wanna be Betty Rubble! LOLOL

Jenna Z

Two things-
Husband and I were just talking (in disgusted tones) about those HSM costumes and how they are basically either just a crappy piece of plastic-y fabric with HSM graphics OR just NORMAL clothes! But pricey, el-cheapo quality ones that your kids won't wear again! Why even dress up??

That being said, I know the shame of wearing a handmade costume EVERY year while everyone else has crappy, stiff plastic store-bought costumes that you can only dream of. Until you get old enough that you LOVE your own individual, original costumes and embrace how unique and creative your family is. I say make those darn costumes, take LOTS of pictures and your kids will thank you in ten years when they laughing and reminiscing over them.

One last thing:
In my mind, Monster costume=Boo from Monster's Inc. so you may want to check that idea, maybe that's why they are resisting. My mom made all my costumes but I got to have at least a little input. I can see why they wouldn't want to be told what they had to be.


Oh yeah, you HAVE to make your kids costumes. We have a strict no-fake costume policy around here. Now this doesn't mean I sew every part, it just means that we re-purpose a whole lot bits and pieces that we pick up from the thrift store, craft store, etc to come up with a fun costume that will be comfortable and last a while and will not cost me $30 a pop!

Brook Owens

I'm totally going to burst your bubble here... let them buy their costumes... My next door neighbor SLAVED over a cowboy costume for her grandson... only for him to change his mind and wear a f-ing Power Ranger costume made out of thin polyester that gave him a camel toe and panty lines and tied in the back so you could see his t-shirt underneath.... He chose a mask made out of plastic they wouldn't even make paper plates out of over his grandmas Authentic cow boy boots, chaps, hat, fringe... the whole NINE YARDS!!! of course I was APPALLED!!! But when you are a kid.... its important to buy costumes.... as cheap and tacky as they may be... wait a few years and they will let you make costumes for them again!! But I totally love the monster idea... hahahaha so funny!!! have you checked out the "monster wreath" on craftster??? I am going to make one for Halloween... its so fun!



Ahhhh, I looked up HSM. I thought it must have been some kind of shop! But, of course, High School Musical. I've never seen it - my girls are too young I guess, they're still into Charlie and Lola. :-D


Oh, I love your costume idea! I think you should definitely make them.
Love the plushie kits too, especially the little girl with the pink pigtails - very sweet.

Oh, and I've no idea what HSM is. ;-P


The blank plushie is such a good idea!! Sometimes I just wanna get to the embellishing without the sewing - which is fun but takes agggges.

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