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December 28, 2008



very cool stuff....


that is so cool. I want to get one now too! Happy Belated New Year!


i'd love one of those, but i'm afraid i wouldn't have no real use for it. i suck at drawing. argh!
loved the pictures with all your doodles!


I've wanted one of these...I'd love to see more of what you do with it. Groovy!


i got one too--so much fun!! and i just had to doodle on on a picture of my girls after seeing yours today! :) lexi


Oooh, how fun, Missy! Which one did you get--I've been debating . . . Your girls are darling!


Your daughters are so pretty just like their mama. Miss you! Happy 2009.


That looks like fun! I didn't know you could use colors too? I thought they were just black and that's it!
I've debated whether getting one when I did computer & pixel graphics. Now I want one! I'll come over and doodle with yours teehee!
Happy New Years!


Hope you have a wonderful Holiday Missy and wishing you a very healthy Happy New Year! Your girls are beautiful just like their MOM! Hugs, Linda


Oh, very fun, Missy! And your girls are beautiful! I am sure Santa was good to them ;)! TFS: Tinla


Oh, you are going to love it! I got one earlier this year and it is awesome. I just haven't had as much time to work on it as I would like. I'm sure you will have a blast on it and come up with some amazing things!


hey! this looks like fun!! now I want one!
happy new year!


Such a cool present! I want those art pads too! >_< Your girls are just soooo adorable!


WooHoo! I got one too! :-D It's the coolest thing to play with, mine came with so many programs also. Have fun! Ani


What a super Christmas present!
I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll magic up with your new tablet & stylus. :)


How awesome is that! I'm totally jealous! I've wanted one of those art pads for a while! Your girls are adorable!

Jen Duncan

Look out world!
Seriously--very cool Missy! JUST what you needed to get even more creative. yay!

Geeta / CraftyEngineer

Very cool, Missy!

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