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January 11, 2009



Hey woman.

NO ox in box!

do you get it??? what's the deal?

Terri McConnell

Just wanted to make sure you're ok. I haven't heard from you in a while and you haven't posted since the 11th so I'm a little worried. Last time we spoke your family had the bug. Hope you're all feeling better and you're ok. Maybe I'll see you tonight at movie night??? Hopefully all is well and you're just busy preparing for your friend's visit! Keep in touch, Terri


I am an OX (went to a Chinese New Year's party) last nite. I want your OX baby.

email me.
big hugs. when is your bday Missy Baby??

Jennie M

Hey birthday girl! Have a great day!! Hugs!! :)


Missy... I received my pkg. in the mail today from Etsy (make your own doll) and my daughter LOVES it and we just had to check out your blog... love it! :) Thanks again so much! Hugs!


hi M
I am so mad I didn't win a MB stamp. Congrats to the winner. I love the robot drawing too. Email me when you have time. I'm totally loving those penguins you made for Dave.

You rock. I miss you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much. when is your birthday???


cute bot! did ya use your pen tablet?!

ditto to makin' it a stamp!


congrats to Sandra!

Thanks again for having the contest Missy!


Congratty's to Sandra- the winner!
I always love visting your bubble space here! Such a fun blog! n__n Happy creative day!


Congratty's to Sandra- the winner!

Have fun blopping (blog hopping)


I have been not been keeping up with my blog reading, life just kind of got in the way.,,Hope you and the fam are well..


Hey Missy!

I think that robot would be a cute stamp! ;)


Such a wonderful blog you have. I have been catching up on all your posts. So much eye candy and so many, many wonderful ideas!!!!!

Jen Duncan

Take my advice and delete them from the inbox--they just weigh you down after a while. Why start the year off with an insurmountable pile of 'stuff I oughta have done by now'? That's how I'm lookin' at it anyway. ;-)
now I'm wondering what post you're referring to. Did I comment? better go check!

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