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February 19, 2010



Thank you for sharing! Great design!

Patricia Coffey

I am an Ambassador GS Leader and am not computer savvey with pic design, etc. Thanks so much for posting. I am in the process of trying to create GS thank you cards for giving out to people who order long distance. These would be cards that we would mail. Any ideas? The cookie manufacturer had Thank You notes on-line earlier, but then later pulled the site. (sob)
Still scouting,



My granddaughter is a Daisy Girl Scout and this is her first time selling cookies. I have been searching for an appropriate thank you note to include with the cookies. I was so excited when i saw these. They are exactly what i was looking for. Sent it to my daughter so she could send to troop leader and other parents. Made my day!!



thanks for posting this!!


Hey there. I hope you don't mind. I am adding this post to my bookmarks.. :D

Missy Ballance

Thanyk you so much!
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jo 戎嶋

Hi, I hope you don't mind, I have added one of your tutorials to my 100+ fat quarter tutorials post, thank you for sharing :o)

Alex Duenkel

Thank you so much! Every year I help my daughter stamp her thank you tags for when we deliver the GS COOKIES. This came just in time as we pick them up this weekend.


P.S. Just saw you're in Sac! I live in Chico...might have to check out that indie craft fair in March!


Thanks so much for these!!! I was looking all over the internet yesterday trying to find something like this and then saw them this morning on One Pretty Thing. Can't wait to email them to my troop!


This is such a wonderful idea! Thanks so much for this, I'll be linking.

Kimberly Spence

Hi Missy ~ LOVE the girl scout tag! That is awesome! You rock! I am so glad that you have started blogging again. I hope you start selling on etsy again. I would love to purchase some more of your stuff. Kim


Thank you so much!!!!!

Amy Cluck

Super-cute! I just bought some cookies today and the little girl gets my change out of a toy cash register - so cute!


This is really nice and useful. I love the simplicity.


Thank you for sharing Missy! I use to be a girl scout leader, I wish we had this cute tag back then, it would have been fun to use. I will pass the information on through twitter that you are sharing this. I know quite a few GS leaders and their troops that will love using the tag you created.


HI Missy!
not sure if youd be interested or not, but I'm looking for a few good artsy gals for a bunny swap for easter. would love to have you be part of it. check out my blog for info. and dont feel bad if you cant, I was just trying to think of some girls that I that I think are really creative and would make something sweet. And I've always loved your creations!

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