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March 12, 2010


Katie Trott

I was totally believing that last pic was of your home! I was thinking, boy she has a lot of time to decorate!! and pick up after her kids :)

Missy Ballance

Thank you for the sweet comment! I remember talking to you, and you are one of the few people that I have shared with. It is so sweet of you to keep up with me still :)



Nicole Ellison

lmao about the pic of your living room! You can't fool me!


So glad you're back!
AND glad to know you are getting settled and everything is moving along.
We've missed you!

deede in Arkansas

Jenn Bontrager

So glad your back. Really missed you and your little creations.


Your room become so messy when you are making crafts...


Cute cards!!! I just tried out your tooth fairy pillow pattern and blogged about it...loved it!! Great tutorial, thanks!! Also, I wanted to say how comforting it is to see other craft rooms that are as "organized" as mine. :) In fact, yours might be in better shape...but mine is always a work in progress.

Amy Cluck

haha. You are too funny. I envy your craft room. Can't wait for Indie!


welcome back! looking forward to seeing what youre cooking up there days!

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